“We have found Prospect Chinese Services a total asset to our team. We believe that they were our 'Ace card’”

– Victor Nicholls, Bracknell Forest Council

A list of amazing clients

Over 10 years track record of success in delivering highly effective training for clients in major business sectors.

Ask more, learn more

Acclaimed interactive style of training with real life case studies.

Always with business in mind

Highly qualified trainers with experience of doing business with Chinese companies.

Meet your objectives

Bespoke course content is tailored to meet business objectives.

Chinese cultural awareness training

  • Acquire business etiquette skills for dealing with Chinese customers
  • Create the best possible first impression to get your business relationship off to a great start
  • Improve confidence in working with Chinese customers
  • Manage Chinese working partnerships more productively and affectively
  • Discover new opportunities by understanding the Chinese frame of mind and preferences
  • Clients often combine this course with Mandarin Language Courses.

Sales negotiation skills training

  • Learn how to secure more sales from Chinese customers
  • Maximise your sales by understanding how the Chinese think and their negotiate tactics
  • Avoid common pitfalls that can derail negotiations

Remember that the Chinese regard themselves as expert negotiators. Many Chinese negotiators will enjoy an advantage over their Western counterparts as they have a better understanding of our negotiating methods and cultural norms than we do of theirs. Our training will help you improve the odds and gain their respect.

“They successfully delivered training to our hotel chain across the UK. They also helped ratify our plans to attract more Chinese guests. Our regional hotels received tangible improvements in sales. Prospect Chinese Services is a forward thinking organization with great ideas for achieving the best results, making them a class act.”

– Ellie Hayward, Vice President Strategic Training (Europe), Millennium Hotel & Resorts

Contact us to discuss how we can help your business attract more Chinese customers and grow sales through our workshops and specialist training.

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