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Leading UK-China business advisors. We want to help you achieve your success with China.

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Lots of Experience & Knowledge

  • Prospect Chinese Services is one of the UK’s leading Anglo-Sino advisory companies with the aim of connecting UK and China based companies. Our successful combination of experienced UK based professionals and an extensive network of China based businesses and Chinese government officials have won us clients in industries as diverse as international groups of hotels, local councils, entrepreneurs and investors.
  • We provide bespoke services from advisory services and business partner matching to cultural awareness and business etiquette training seminars.
  • No two projects have been the same ranging from event management for local councils bringing together UK and Chinese businesses, to cultural awareness seminars for international groups of hotels attracting Chinese tourists. Many senior executives and entrepreneurs count themselves as alumni of our highly successful Mandarin and business etiquette programmes.
  • Save yourself effort, time and money. Let us be your single point of contact. Let our locally based teams do the market research for you. Let us find your partners, agents or distributors with our 3 Cs criteria: the Cash, the Commitment and the Connections to make your China venture a success.

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