Export to China

“We fully recommend Prospect Chinese Services’ professional service which produces results of the highest quality on a reasonable budget.”

– Dave Comley, EVCOM

Exporting experts

Work with our specialists who understand your product and industry.

Trusted partners

Only trusted partners will be selected for you, to save you time and money.

Excellent customer service

Results that exceed expectations, across our many professional services.

Tangible results

See your business make real progress in China.

Sales Leads

  • Generate sales leads in China, either direct sales or through an agent or distributor.
  • Get the best deal by letting us negotiate on your behalf. We speak their language and understand their culture.
  • Achieve tangible results as we go the extra mile, contacting Chinese companies for you and packaging your goods and services for the China market.
  • Understand the size of the market, its key players and current trends through our insightful market research.
  • In addition, we offer Business Etiquette and Mandarin training; prepare written promotional materials; be present in face-to-face meetings or on telephone calls with Chinese customers; help you host delegations from China or accompany you on business visits to the country.

Business partners and Chinese investors

  • Find the right business partner and Chinese investor who have the resources and funding at their disposal.
  • We select the partners and investors that are right for you by understanding your business and objectives, saving you time and money.
  • Work with like-minded partners and investors who know the market and are passionate about your business.

“I am impressed by Prospect Chinese Services’ ability to deliver on finding a business partner despite our changing requirements, and how they showed that they knew the challenges in entering China. They were very diligent in advising us on how to overcome them and in understanding the type of business that we are.”

– Charlie Grieve, CEO, Brandcast Media

Contact us to discuss how we can help you sell your products or services in China, or find the perfect business partner or investor.

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