Mandarin Tuition

“Prospect Chinese Services did a marvelous job. As a result my son was able to take his Mandarin GCSE in two years and achieve a grade ‘A’”

– Tim Smith FIRRC

Flexible and affordable Mandarin lessons

On-site group or individual lessons

Intensive courses for business executives available

Track record of teaching business executives

Types of courses

  • One to one courses - Lessons are designed to be flexible, the duration and frequency of lessons are arranged according to your availability and any time constraints.
  • Group courses - Lessons are ideal for people who want to learn collaboratively through shared experiences, which often results in greater motivation, confidence and group camaraderie. We can meet you at your company, or at another teaching location.
  • Intensive courses - Lessons are designed for those who have a target language level which must be reached by a target date.
  • Online courses - Lessons are designed for those who are in remote locations, travel a lot, or simply prefer to study in their homes or office without someone else being physically present.
  • Business language courses - Chinese business is based on relationships, so there are many benefits to be gained from being familiar with Chinese business phrases. Speaking their language has many advantages, and will help maximise your confidence.
  • Clients often complement this course with Chinese Cultural Awareness Training.

Your benefits

  • Our courses are tailored around the objectives of the attendees, agreed with their companies as appropriate
  • Learn real life business lessons from tutors with experience of working with Chinese businesses
  • Interact more confidently with Mandarin speakers and build rapport to strengthen relationships

“My tutor is a great teacher with an in depth knowledge of Mandarin and an understanding of the commercial applications of language. ‬I really enjoyed my intensive Mandarin course and she managed to help me understand a very complex language but in simple terms. ‬I would have no hesitation in using their services again‬.”

– John Pain, Managing Director Asia Pac & EMEA at Wendys International‬‬‬‬

Contact us to discuss your learning needs and how we can help you to meet your language objectives.

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