Translation & Interpreting

“It has been great working with Prospect Chinese Services. They have provided a quick, efficient and professional service.”

– Rob Jowers, Spectrecom

Reliable and affordable service

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Information safely secured

Professional native translators and interpreters

  • We are a UK based company. We are not an online only based business so you can call or meet us for any queries if your requirements are complex.
  • Our translators have translated for companies in many industries so we are well placed to translate documents whether for yourself or for your clients. They have translated for companies such as KPMG, CITIbank, Ernst & Young, HSBC, Nikon, IBM and many more.
  • Your documents will be translated under ISO9001 certification for quality assurance.
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction through our professionalism, efficiency, quality and safeguarding of your data.
  • We can match the price of any quote for an equivalent service.

Industries and documents covered

  • All sectors including construction, manufacturing, financial services, real estate, government, marketing, medical, legal, leisure, entertainment, software, education, pharmaceutical, engineering, retail etc
  • All types of documents are covered including: brochures, catalogues, manuals, reports, certificates, contract, business plans, prospectuses, website content etc
  • We also offer a China website localisation service. Our website localisation service will help promote your brand by creating and hosting your Chinese website. We will advise you on the subtleties of cultural differences and government censorship and translate your message, yet maintaining your corporate integrity. Please click here to find more information about our Chinese Cultural Awareness Training.

Interpreter services

Our native Mandarin speakers will give you the edge as they offer you tips on strategies and etiquette as well as providing practical and insightful suggestions. As a result, our team of interpreters have worked with the UK government, UK companies, Chinese government trade bodies and Chinese business delegations.
Our interpreters can attend:

  • Phone calls or online meetings
  • Business meetings and other functions
  • Conferences and exhibitions
  • Presentations to a Chinese audience
  • Negotiations
  • Social engagements

This service is charged per hour, with travel expenses agreed on a case by case basis.

“We have found the service provided by Prospect Chinese Services Limited to be excellent. The translation was accurate and on time. All efforts were made to meet our short deadline.”

– Andrew Lee, Director Asia Pacific Practice, HW Chartered Accountants

Contact us to discuss how we can offer you accurate translation and interpreter services for the best value.

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